When You Know You’re Just… Different

Welcome to the start of a new path on this blog.
This is a path I’ve been considering for a while, and it’s finally time.
(Don’t worry, the other stuff will still be topics! This is just in addition)

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to start this post, but honestly I just kind of want to jump right into it. This will lead the way for more similar posts to come.
If you made your way here, it’s most likely because you feel just… different. And if you are feeling this, then you probably know exactly what I mean.

Many people in my personal life have actually been coming to me for help, and I thought that maybe all of you would like to benefit from this as well.

Originally I was going to put up another post with a very similar topic, but it felt right to do this one first. In a way I think it kind of paves the way for the next one, so please enjoy this one first.

I’ll start from the beginning (a quick rundown of my experience) but feel free to skip ahead if you just want the other info!

Let’s just say I’ve always been and felt different, a lone wolf you could say. I was never super social or anything and have a very different and unique view of the world/society.
I’ve always just stuck to family, a few close friends, and whoever I’m in a relationship with at the time.
I was always the quiet one, but with a strong mind (thankfully). If I’m really comfortable though, I can lead the vibes.

Sadly, I was a perfect target for bullies. And I was bullied all through school. While it definitely sucked at the time, at least I have my strength and ability to be different and stick away from the crowd and not even bat an eye.
I truly believe that everything you go through in life is for an important purpose.

But no matter what, it is possible to have that strength!

Now as an adult and successfully going through the hardest time of my life alone (2018) I feel like the experience I’ve gained could help others in similar places.

So basically, this is for you if:

– You feel like a lone wolf; mainly sticking to yourself and finding peace with yourself
– Popular things and trends typically are not of interest for you; you prefer to do your own thing and like unique
– You want to have an independent life (looking for unique work opportunities and even entrepreneurship; Why I started my journey with my blog/business)
Basic, typical conversation really doesn’t interest you. You like extraordinary and interesting topics

Overall, the best thing that you can do is stay true to yourself.

Being different is unique and is something I always tell friends to own.
Not to mention you have escaped the grasp of typical society – and that’s something amazing to celebrate and embrace.

1. Do the things that empower you.

Watch movies, play games, have a shopping day, have a pamper night, etc. all by yourself.
Getting comfortable with actually going out by myself was a challenge for a long while for me, and something some people I’ve talked to still struggle with, but it is absolutely amazing to do and gets easier and better with time.
Focus on you, treat yourself, and get in or back in tune with you.
You can truly be your own best friend.

2. Even if you are an introvert and lone wolf, finding like-minded individuals to have meaningful and amazing conversations with can be so freeing and good feeling.

Chances are they will have the same mentality and boundaries, so it is likely for a good connection.

At the same time, don’t feel bad for losing people who don’t vibe with you.
You don’t have to continue with those who you just fall out with or even disrespect you and your boundaries.

3. Consider that big life change.

I’ve worked from home for years now, but recently I decided I wanted to take it a step further and move to freelancing and completely working on my own.

Another way to have freedom over your own life, many people who are in this type of mindset move towards this type of work, and love it.

While this isn’t always linked to being different, it definitely seems to be for the most part.

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No matter what, remember that you have control over your life and have the power to make it whatever you want it to be.

You don’t have to have a “typical” life.

If you are among the unique, like me, who basically stay outside the crowd and live in my own little world, you keep on. It’s special and incredibly freeing.

Don’t be afraid to be an inspiration to others as well.
People are always looking for inspiration for their own lives and the best thing you can do is be a positive one for someone else.

If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas of things to do on your own (either because you just like it or want to do some lone dates with yourself) there will be a blog post coming out about that!

Also, check out my Instagram if you’d like to follow along and be inspired.

Stay amazing and empowered.

Ashley ♡

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