These Websites Offer Paid Writing Opportunities

There are many ways to go about finding freelance writing work. You can work as an employee of a company, cold emailing companies, and writing for various websites that will pay you, to name a few.
To help out my fellow writers, I have searched for and found these websites that offer paid writing opportunities!

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There are two main ways to get paid for your writing on websites

One way is a revenue-sharing type of situation where you are paid per click of your post (sometimes ad clicks). However, this way may or may not earn you much, and you might not get much of a return for all of your hard work.

Another way (what myself and many other writers only accept) is a flat fee for your post. These types of companies/websites seem to be more reputable and established.

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1. Layout by Flywheel

This is an opportunity with a great earning potential. You can earn up to $150 per article! All you need to do is apply including some of your writing samples. You get your own author page with information about yourself (a big plus) and they pay via Paypal (usually within 48 hours of the article final edit).

2. iWriter

This opportunity is completely flexible where you can write as much or as little as you want, and from a variety of topics that best match you. You can earn $40+ for a simple 500-word article! You also get guaranteed weekly pay OR at the pay schedule of your choice.

3. College Humor

This one is pretty well known and their content is very popular. For each accepted submission (after emailing them with your pitch), you can make $30 for a single page article and $50 for a multi-page article.

4. Dorkly

This site mostly posts content related to popular video games, tv shows, etc. After emailing them, each accepted single page submission pays $35 and multi-page submissions pay $75.

5. Listverse

Simply send in your list writing (follow their rules/guidelines), and if it is accepted, you will be paid $100 by Paypal (Paypal is needed and not negotiable). You do need to write English on a native level and be able to write content that their readers will love. This can also be a great opportunity for exposure as your information and any social media/blog/book can be shared with your list writing!

6. Make a Living Writing

A blogger paying other bloggers for great blog posts! How cool is that? She currently pays $75-$100 a post depending on the particular details. Keep in touch for the open pitch times as she isn’t always accepting pitches.

7. Rankpay

Looking for writers who can write SEO, content marketing, and social media topic content. Get paid $50 for each post and an author bio included which can help with exposure!

8. Income Diary

Looking for professional writers who can create content about creating websites, web traffic, social media, making money online, etc. Along with getting paid up to $200, you also get exposure to 10,000’s of people and potentially higher!

9. The Work Online Blog

Looking for writers to write blog and work lists at least 1500 words long. Simply fill out and submit their form and wait to be accepted. Pays $50 per accepted article.

10. Slick WP

Looking for writing related to using and getting the most from WordPress. You will get a contributor account and links back to your website/social media for more exposure. Pays $100 via Paypal!


Additionally, here are some job boards to look on to find paid writing opportunities:






Of course, there are countless opportunities out there, but these are some good, solid sites that actually pay pretty well.

Some of them not only pay but give promotion as well!

What are your freelance writing goals? If you know of any additional good paid writing opportunities, please feel free to share below!

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Paid writing opportunities

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