The New Pinterest Business Page: All The Details And What It Means For Your Blog And Business

Woah, what happened? Are you a Pinterest business page owner?
If you have been on Pinterest lately, you have probably seen some major changes to your account.

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For many, Pinterest was already an extremely valuable tool for promoting their blogs and businesses. Now, it has become even better.

Check it out:

One of the most visible and obvious changes is the new cover image! This is the first thing I noticed and it surprised me.
Personally, I really like it. It gives an initial view and vibe of someone’s pins as soon as you navigate to their profile!

If you don’t like which pins are currently showing, you can change which pins it is showing by clicking on the pencil button in the top right-hand corner of this cover image.
One option is to have it show only pins from a certain board, so if you only want pins from your own blog or business to be shown here, you can do that.
Other options available are recent pins (pins you have saved yourself) and recent activity (pins that other people have saved from your site and accounts).
The best part? It automatically updates so you won’t have to deal with it again unless you want to!
Pinterest is a very visual platform, so for the best results, make sure this cover image is full of nice looking content!

If you are looking for some helpful tools for graphics, check out PicMonkey and Canva! These are the two resources I use to edit high quality, captivating images for my blog and Pinterest.

You will also see some things rearranged!
The Followers and Following numbers and information have been moved down alongside the Boards, Pins, and Tries.
This will hide these numbers unless you actually click on it to see them.
What is showing is a monthly viewer number instead. If your views are really high, that can make your page look awesome and popular! Isn’t that nice? (:
If you’re not comfortable with your number and want it to grow, you can purchase Pinterest ads, or check out Tailwind! This application has really exploded my Pinterest engagement and following. There is a free trial available to start with no payment information even required, so it’s completely worry-free. Give it a try and see what it can do for your Pinterest account, blog, or business!

Last, but not least, is the new Following tab! This is on the bottom menu if you are on a device and in the top right corner menu (by your profile image) if you are on a computer.
This allows you to view pins exclusively from people that you follow in the order that they pinned. That means that is what your followers are seeing from you as well.
This feed does still seem to have promoted pins mixed in, but so far I’m not seeing the “Picked for you” pins like the home feed. This makes it easier to see exactly what the people you’re following are sharing.
There is also another option for discovering new accounts! By clicking the “+” button at the top of this Following page, you can find more recommendations for people to follow. That can definitely mean good things for your following as well!

If you are a blogger and/or business owner and don’t currently have a business Pinterest page, consider making one or changing your current personal profile into a business profile. This is what I did, and it was a great choice.
You get access to analytics information and other valuable business options.

I know that I’m personally so excited and happy with these new updates!

Do you currently use Pinterest for your blog and/or business? Do you like the new updates?
Let me know in the comments below!

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and request to join my “Creators United” group board as well. (:

Thanks for reading!

Ashley ♡


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