Top Pinterest Group Boards: A Master List

If you’re really looking to up your Pinterest game and get serious traffic to your account and/or your blog, it’s time to start getting involved with the top Pinterest group boards!
Group boards are awesome because not only will your content be seen by your own followers, but it will get in front of all the followers of the board (some of them have 50,000+!).
There are great paid options for Pinterest help, but group boards alone are an awesome free tool.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click the link and/or make a purchase, I receive a commision. Don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! 

After all, Pinterest is my number one source of social media traffic, along with many other bloggers as well.

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You can search through Pinterest yourself for the top Pinterest group boards to join, but, I have gone ahead and put together this sweet collection of the top, active, and high following group boards to help you out!

It’s time to get your content out there and start seeing the traffic and views you are working so hard for.

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To start, here is my Pinterest profile: My Pinterest Profile!

My own two group boards are currently accepting contributors, so feel free to apply! (:

Creators United

Pinterest Blog Love ♡


Now on to the list. ♡

At the time of me writing this (6/2/2018), all of these boards are accepting contributors. This sometimes changes, and if you notice one is closed, feel free to let me know!
Also, just be sure to follow any directions required for you to be accepted to each group board. This will give you the greatest chance of being accepted and staying in. (:


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Master List Of Top Pinterest Group Boards

Blogging/General Blog Promo

Creators United
Blogging Pros Group Board
All About Blogging!
POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers Promote Here
Bloggers ‘Post It’ Board
Share Your Blog With The World!
Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
Awesome Posts! (Group Board)
Best Blog Posts
BEST Blog Posts On Pinterest
Ultimate Bloggers Group Board
Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board
Top Blogging Tips & Tricks Group Board
*Top Bloggers Share Their Posts*
The Ultimate Group Board
The Blog Squad
Share The Blog Love
Promote your Pins ✿●•٠·
♥ Pinterest for Pro Bloggers
Pin All The Things
Blogger Friends
Bloggers United
Blogging Superstars Group Board
Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips Group Board
Blogging Whirlwind
Blogging And Social Media Group Board
Blogger Supporting Each Other (Group Board)



Travel Bloggers Group Board
Destination: The World!
Amazing Places Where I Would Love To Be
Travel Inspiration!
# Travel Destinations
Adventure Travel
Around The World
Awesome Views
World Travellers || Flight Fishing
Travel The World
Travel Inspiration From Top Travel Bloggers
Travel The Earth
Travel {Group Board – LTR}
Travel Group Board
AGAHP Travel Group Board
Travel Group Board
The Best Travel Tips And Ideas
Top Travel Pins
Travel Group Board
Leaving Footprints | Sustainable Travel Group Board


Money Tips/Info

Show Me The Money Bloggers
Smart Money Group Board
Saving Money $$ Group Board
All Things Money Group Board
Save Money + Make Money Group Board
All About Money Group Board – Personal Finance, Making Money, Saving Money, Managing Money
Mad Money Group Board
Money Saving Mom – Group Board
Saving Money Group
Money Matters – Group Board


Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Tips From Female Entrepreneurs
Creative Entrepreneurs Collaborative
#Girlboss Tips And Ideas
Creative Entrepreneurs Group Board
Female Entrepreneurs + Bloggers
Entrepreneurs Connected
Entrepreneur Success
Business Tips For Creative Entrepreneurs
Creative Biz Owners
Freelance Resources


Work From Home

Make Money Online – Group Board
Work From Home Group
Work From Home Bloggers Unite!
Make Money From Home Online | Best Work At Home Jobs
Work From Home
Work From Home Secrets
Work From Home Jobs For Moms
Living The Dream: Work From Home
Make Money From Home
WAHM Empire
Pinterest Marketing Tips



Food Heaven!
Outrageous Party Recipes
Recipes From All My Foodie Friends
Food/Drink Group Board
Food Bloggers- Group Board
Food And Recipes
Wow Food Group Board
A Food Group Board
Travel Food (Group Board)
Recipes Group Board
Food Hacks – Group Board
Food I Love


Fitness/Healthy Living

Fitness Entrepreneurs (Group Board)
Healthy Living Tips
Healthy Friends Of Healy Eats Real
Health And Fitness Tips – GROUP BOARD
Health & Fitness Bloggers
Fitness And Workouts
Fitness & Health {Group Board}
Fitfluential Ambassadors
Momlife Health + Fitness Group Board
Workout Motivation Health & Fitness Group Board
Health & Fitness Group



Style & Beauty Bloggers Group Board
Makeup, Hair And Beauty – How Tos
Beauty – Group Board
Beauty Group Board
Makeup & Beauty Group Board
Fashion And Beauty Group Board!
Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}
Beauty Bloggers (Group Board)
Fashionista Bloggers Group Board
A Fashion Group Board
Fashion Blogger Group Board
F A S H I O N I N S P O – Group Board
Fashion Inspiration! Group Board
Badass Style – Group Board



DIY – How to, Tips!
Craft and DIY Projects – Crafty Friends
Keep Clean And Organized Tips And Tricks
Organizing Group Board
Do It Yourself – Group Board
DIY Ideas
DIY Home & Craft {Group Board}
DIY/Crafts Amazing Crafts On Pinterest Group Board
DIY Group Board – Tried and True
DIY Blog – Group Board



[Group Board] Parenting Tips
Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood || Raising Buddies Blog
Tip: Mommy Board
Family & Parenting Group Board


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Top Pinterest Group Boards

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  1. Thank you for this list! I heard about group boards not long ago, but I had no idea how to find boards. I’ll be using this list right away 🙂

    1. I hope this list is very helpful for you!

      Even more boards will be added to it soon 🙂

      alynnarts says:
  2. You should add “Food I Love” 650K pins and 48K followers.

    dave says:
  3. Finding good boards and good pins on pinterest is slightely different and difficult at some times. thanks a lot to author for giving a full list of good pinterest boards with a very good and proper format. thanks it really helpful for everyone.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Hope it helped. (:

      alynnarts says:

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