Should You Make The Switch To WAH/Freelance Work?

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Most of the time, when I tell someone I work at home they are surprised and express how much they wish they could do the same.
What many don’t realize is that there are actually tons of opportunities out there!

However, there is more to consider than just the opportunities themselves.

I’ve found that working from home definitely has its positives, but there are also things that can make it difficult for some.

While it may sound nice, you may recognize that it isn’t the right fit for you. This is usually because of one or more of the reasons in this post.

Personally, though, I absolutely love it and I am so incredibly thankful that I work from home. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! There are many others who feel exactly the same. Maybe you too!

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What kind of remote work is out there?

While some employers will let you take work home or do work remotely certain days, complete work at home opportunities would be along the lines of a fully remote employee, independent contractor, or freelancer/business owner.

Remote employees are typically overall the same as any other kind of employees, they are just located elsewhere.

Independent contractors can have more freedom and basically still work for themselves (while offering their services out) but often lack benefits and protections (for example: no health insurance and contract terminated at any time for any reason).

Freelancers are completely on their own and it’s up to them to create and manage their freelance business, get sales/clients/work, deal with finances/pay, and protect themselves. (Unless they hire their own help of course)

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Each has their own pros and cons so it is something to consider.

If you’re still thinking about finding a work at home job and/or starting into freelance work, here is what to consider to determine if it is right for you.

1. It requires a ton of focus and self-control/motivation

Many can agree that it’s wonderful to work from your own home. However, the distractions can be overwhelming to some people.

There is nobody there in person to oversee you, so you may feel too relaxed to focus. You may also feel a lack of motivation since you aren’t in a separate work environment.

Or, tasks for around the house may bother you as they are right there with you.

To deal with these distractions I typically make sure I respond to messages, calls, etc before I start my work time.

If something in the house is really bothering me, I will try to take care of it before working or during a break so that I accomplish that task for myself and can focus better.

As long as you can overcome this and stay productive on your own, that is a great start!

2. Ability to handle being alone well

This one is super easy for me but could be a huge challenge for others. I love being alone most of the time and I feel that is how I do my best work.

Those who thrive in an environment by themselves will love this.

However, if you are a people person and love communicating, working with/on, or generally being around other people most of the day, this kind of work may make you feel very alone and secluded. Even though some jobs require voice or video, it’s still not in person experiences.

Your daily work environment can make a great impact on your happiness so this is a strong point to consider!

3. Organization and communication

Again, there is nobody there to set guidelines or help you, so the organization of your workspace and work itself is completely up to you.

Keeping things well organized and inspiring so you can do your best work is key.

As for communication, you may not ever actually see your boss, managers, or clients in person or on calls, so keeping in touch well is very important.

Everyone being well informed and “in the loop” will ensure to the best of your ability that everything goes smoothly.


Overall, chances are if you are already interested in working from home, it may be worth the shot for you!

More workers all the time are looking for and making the switch to this type of work. It can provide flexibility, freedom, and comfort in work like you haven’t known before!

If you are really worried about the change, there are some opportunities that you can try in your off time to test out how it works for you before committing completely. (Such as a small freelance side gig or low hours job)

I’d love to know about your journey though. (:

Are you looking for or already do a type of remote work?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

♡ Ashley

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