Self Care Tips From A Mom’s Standpoint

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Self-care as a mother is very important.  Ever heard of “Happy Life, Happy Wife”? Well, for right now lets change that to “Happy Mom, Happy Life”.  These tips and ideas will range from your working mom to your stay at home mom.

Working mammas!  It can get stressful working (part-time or full) and being a full-time mom.  You may not have as much time to yourself when you juggle your career and your family.  BUT!  It’s possible.  Stay at home mammas its possible for us too!  If you find yourself spending the whole day doing laundry and dishes or driving the kids around, there are some quick self-care things you can squeeze into your day!  Take time throughout your day to do two or three of these things to keep yourself sane.  Pretty much any little time I get to myself now I try to do as many of these as I can.  More lately than ever I have been doing more beauty self-care (face mask, painting my nails, shaping my own eyebrows).  Even if we are not trying to impress anyone else but the mirror, looking at yourself and genuinely feeling pretty is really important for your self-esteem and mood.  Try some of these out:

  • Mani/Pedi – I felt better about doing these costly pampering days when I was bringing in an income (but my husband is supportive about giving me money to go get these done now that I’m not working).
  • Massage – These happen maybe once a year for me (if that) but they sure are relaxing when I do get them.
  • Coffee/tea – Waking up earlier than normal doesn’t sound amazing, but when you make that perfect cup of your favorite drink and have time to yourself with it before the kids or your spouse gets up, it’s very relaxing.  Also, choose a specific day a week to treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop.
  • Shopping day – Even if you don’t end up buying anything, take a day to walk your favorite shop with your friend.
  • Favorite show/movie – Almost everyone has Netflix these days.  Snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blanket when you’re home alone and binge-watch your fave shows.
  • Nap – I wasn’t a napping person until recently.  One of my best techniques for falling asleep for the non-napper is putting on a calming/meditation radio station, and counting your breaths.  I try to breathe deeper than normal, inhale for two counts and then exhale for two counts.  There were days I could fall asleep and remember the last number I counted was between 30 and 40.
  • Face mask – These can be DIY or store-bought.  My favorite mask right now is from TrueSelf Organics.  It’s a detox mask that you mix yourself (the kit comes with the powder, liquid, mixing bowl, spoon, and application brush).  It takes about a minute to mix, another minute (or less) to apply, and you leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
  • Favorite book/magazine – If you don’t have enough time to watch an episode of your fave show, grab a book or magazine that you can read a couple of pages of really quickly or flip through a magazine.
  • Horoscopes – If you are someone who is into astrology and horoscopes, read yours daily before you get started.  Sometimes although very vague, you’ll look for more positive things throughout your day because of what your horoscope may say.
  • Beauty routine – Anything from teeth whitening at home, under eye patches to get rid of dark circles, painting your own nails.  If you don’t have the time to go out and do these things at a salon, do them at home.  You can apply your whitening strips and eye patches before you start cleaning the house.  Multitasking is our middle name, right?
  • Journaling/diary – Sometimes (more as a SAHM than a working mom) I have felt pretty alone in my feelings.  I often bottle them up and then when they do come out, its way worse than the initial feeling.  Write in your journal or diary as often as you can.  Even if its something positive (that’s the most important).  You can look back on these moments at the end of the week and feel better about yourself, or just get your feelings out there even if you’re the only one to read it.
  • Flowers – Buying yourself flowers/picking flowers might not be as great as getting them from someone, but having a pretty bunch of flowers on your table or counter that you will walk by and look at for the next week (shorter or longer depending on how good you are at keeping plants alive) is a nice reminder of the smaller things in life that can make you feel better and boost your mood.

Taking care of ourselves as moms is very important.  Especially because we get pulled in a million different directions.  Making yourself happy, no matter how small the gesture is, is very important.  We often put ourselves last when it comes to our family.  But we need to remember that we matter too.


Holly is a blogger, stay at home wife, and mom currently living in Germany. Check her out and show her some love over at her website:


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