Sakura Viewing In Okinawa, Japan

It’s currently Sakura viewing season! One of the best times of the year.

It has been amazing seeing photos of this year’s flowers from those who live in or have visited Japan recently.

It is a little sad for me as well though as it’s the first springtime that I’m not there in 3 years, but I know I will be back!

I have so many photos of the Sakura from during the time I lived in Japan that I never even posted anywhere yet. So, why not post them here?

It’s time to take a wonderful walk down memory lane and put these photos out there to share the beauty with everyone!

I lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years and saw the Sakura in springtime two times (in 2016 we were in the middle of preparing and then moving to another apartment so it just didn’t happen that year). The photos will be grouped by the year they were taken.

All photos were taken at Mount Yae. It is closer to the top of the island so it was a bit of a drive for us, but completely worth it! It was amazing there and every year there is a little festival at the viewing area with food, entertainment, and facilities (restrooms, visitor info, etc).

From 2015


2015 was the year I took the best photos of the Sakura for sure. Isn’t it just breathtaking here?

From 2017



We did have the dogs with us this year, so it was a bit more difficult to take photos and handle them at the same time!

But all was well and I was extremely happy to experience the Sakura viewing once more before heading back to America.

Now, I just need to look forward to getting back there again. 🙂

For those wanting to find this area in Okinawa, I have included a map here below:


I hope you find this helpful! Enjoy viewing the earliest blooming Sakura of all the prefectures of Japan here.

Where is your dream destination to visit? Have you gone to see Sakura anywhere this year or any other year?

Ashley ♡

Sakura viewing

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