How Travel can Positively Impact Your Career


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If done correctly, traveling can be an incredibly rewarding and relaxing experience.

Take it from me! Not only have I traveled many times within the United States, but I also spent 3 and a half years traveling around Okinawa, Japan and a trip to Tokyo, Japan as well!

While I was working while living there, there were plenty of times that I went on little trips and adventures. Sometimes these were very much needed even with living on the beautiful little island of Okinawa.

Now, back in the United States in a new area, there is a whole new world of exploration that has opened up!

There is that need to just unplug, relax, and go somewhere new and exciting.

You probably feel the same, right?

The daily grind can really become monotonous and draining. That much is true.

While busy schedules and budgets can impact how often and how far you can travel for some, you should still do as much as you can!

If you are like me, you do your best work when you feel inspired, well rested, and overall positive.

1.   It can increase cultural knowledge

This one was HUGE for me from living in Japan. I absolutely LOVED immersing myself in the culture and learning new things all the time. This included language, customs, way of life, and history.

So exciting!

But you don’t even need to leave the country for this. Though it is a wonderful experience, it is completely okay to start comfortably. Simply go somewhere that is different than what you are used to and be ready to absorb plenty of information and knowledge (while still relaxing of course)!

2.   It can recharge you (getting you out of that slump or block)

Feeling down lately? Maybe you are trying to start a new project or you simply feel your productivity has taken a plunge.

Take. A. Break.

Go somewhere new! Refresh yourself.

Sometimes just taking a little time to recharge can have a huge impact on your creativity and productivity.

It can also give you better feelings when returning to your work or project.

Instead of dreading it, recharging may help you to come back with a completely different positive attitude and outlook! Possibly even helping you to look at things from a whole new perspective.

3.   It can inspire you!

Have you ever seen something that just completely caught your attention and struck inspiration deep within you?

Yep. Same here!

This was me ALL the time in Japan as well.

When you are exposed to new, creative, and unique ideas that are very different from what you are used to, it can be so incredibly inspiring.

I still look back on my thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of photos from my time in Japan for inspiration now!

There are even creators out there who travel all the time for this reason alone!

Freelancing and remote work makes this possible for many people.

However, no matter what job you have or what your career is, deeply consider traveling regularly.

Summer, the major traveling season, is upon us and will be here before you know it!

Where would you like to travel to this year or in your future? 🙂

Ashley ♡

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