How To Start Freelance Writing (+ Make Money Doing It!)

There are so many ways to make money freelancing. The options are basically endless.
However, the main way I am earning income through my website/blog right now is by offering freelance writing services!

And I’m not alone. There are others out there making anywhere around $3,000 – $5,000 and even higher all by simply freelance writing.

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I have always loved to write. In my spare time in school, I was always writing random stores and ideas. As an adult, I tried to start a few blogs, but they were just free ones for fun and hobby. I really never thought you could make money writing unless you were an established author of popular books.

I was VERY wrong!

It turns out that freelance writing as a business and career is possible AND profitable!

You don’t need any degree or special training to do it either. I personally never finished college and have no degree of any kind.

(If you feel you want to improve, you can always search information online or take writing classes either online or in person.)

But ultimately, you just have to be able to put in the time, effort, and work to improve and grow.

As long as you work hard, it is completely possible to get clients quickly and start making money.

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I got my very first client in the first month that I officially started my freelance writing business! It is completely possible for you as well.

Before I go into the details, let me first tell you my story of how I decided to start this journey (feel free to skip ahead to the information if you please!).

When I decided to take the chance and start freelance writing, I was in a hard place.

I had just moved back to America from Japan and had to stop working due to the move. It was very stressful to begin with, and to add to it was the fact that I wasn’t working. It was just weighing even more on me.

Moving around the world isn’t cheap either. Even though it was partially funded, many things still came out of our own pocket.

When I arrived back and got settled, I was applying for projects and jobs like crazy but nothing was happening. The stability I thought I had the past few years with my previous job vanished and it was a scary feeling.

I was at a loss and while searching around the internet I found the idea to start freelance writing. That is when it hit me.

I decided to get to it right away and finally had the courage to buy my website and start just a few days later.

Since then, my life has been forever changed! I’m taking things into my own hands and that’s a wonderful feeling.

(Right now I am working multiple hustles, but freelance writing is my favorite. ♡)

Now, with that little bit of inspirational push out of the way, let’s get to details.

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How to start freelance writing:

1. Create your own website and choose your niche(s)

This is an important point. You don’t absolutely need your own website, but I think it helps very significantly. By having your own website it shows that you are serious and helps you look professional and established.

Your website can have information about you, your writing samples, portfolio, and your own blog if you choose. This puts everything all in one place, making it easy for potential clients to see your work and information.

(As a note, by creating your own website, I’m talking about buying your own domain and having a website that is all yours. Not a free version or site.)

(Want to learn more about creating your own website? Check out my post How To Start An Affordable Money Making Blog/Website In 2018)

I’ve found that for people to take you seriously and get work quickly, its best to have your own personal purchased website!

Plus, doing this will set you up for other great monetization methods in the future.

If you are looking for an affordable hosting option to get started, check out GoDaddy hosting. Their hosting starts at literally just $1.00 a month! I personally use this and completely recommend it. With hosting this affordable, there’s no reason to hold back any longer.

This alone was the way I was able to afford to buy my site and actually get started on this journey.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a direction or idea of what niche(s) you are wanting to write in.

It’s great to be able to write about anything, but many clients look for specialists in certain topics.

If there are multiple things you want to write about (like me) you can think about choosing a few similar topics. (for example, I write about working from home (or anywhere), traveling, and self-love/help type topics mainly)

I’ve definitely found that focusing on a certain niche or a very small group of niches will help to land more clients.

2. Start writing samples ASAP

Typically, potential clients will want to see samples of your writing before they hire you. Totally understandable.

This is why you need to start writing and posting samples as soon as possible.

Linked In publisher and writing blog posts on my own blog is how I started getting samples out there. If you already have samples out on the web, linking to them is a great start. If not, or if you need more samples, those two ideas will work. (:

Another important thing to do is to start guest posting. There are many blogs and websites out there looking for guest posters and this brings benefit to both parties.

They will receive great content from you, and in exchange, typically you get to add a bio and information about yourself with personal links to the post. This can help to get traffic and potential clients back to you as well as add to your portfolio!

3. Cold email and promote yourself

These two things can really make some people uncomfortable. Including me!

But, in order to gain clients and see success quickly, you are going to need to get yourself out there.

I highly recommend doing these two things. Cold emailing being number one on the list!

Learn more about writing awesome cold emails: The Anatomy Of An Awesome Cold Email (:

Sure, you can just browse job boards and wait for the perfect gig to be posted, but there is no guarantee.

However, by going straight to the companies in your niche, your putting yourself right in the inbox of those who have the power to hire you for freelance writing work.

Isn’t that awesome?

Develop a great cold email guide and start sending emails to companies daily (or as much as possible).

It’s also a great idea to promote yourself on social media. Whether its Pinterest (my favorite), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or all of them, start posting for your business and linking your content to get out there!

4. Get in the business mindset/get the right tools

Upgrading my office area after moving and settling in helped increase my productivity significantly.

My office in Japan started out great, but during the long moving process, it quickly turned into a disaster.

When everything was shipped off back to the States, I was working wherever I could. The couch, kitchen tables, my bed, etc.

It’s okay for a small amount of time, but I do like having my own office. A specified place for me to work in.

You would be surprised by just how much your surroundings and the tools you’re using for work can affect the work you’re doing.

Now, I love being in my office again after making it a special place for me to relax and get things done.

I didn’t spend a lot of money, but small changes and simply having a cleaner work environment can make a huge difference.

And if you’re anything like me, office shopping sprees are so exciting! I just love shopping for supplies and knowing they will help me with my work.

Nowadays there are so many different options and designs so choose items that speak to you!

So, I do definitely recommend having a specified work area for yourself. Fix it up however you like, with whatever you need to be the most productive and focused!

5. Don’t give up despite the difficulty

I won’t lie. It’s not easy to just start writing and get paid.

There is time and work that goes into it, but persistence and hard work pays off!

Whether you are starting full time right off the bat on your own, have to work at it while also being a parent, while also going to school, or have to juggle it with a full or part-time job, you will find success stories from many walks of life that are possible for you too.

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It is completely possible to grow and thrive in freelance writing. If I can do it, you definitely can.

I hope that this guide has inspired you and helps you towards your freelance writing business goals!

I’m very excited to help others towards the financial and work freedom that so many people dream about.

I would love to hear about your personal accomplishments and goals! Go ahead and leave a comment down below. 🙂

Any questions are always welcomed also!

Ashley ♡

Freelance writing 


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