How To Start An Affordable Blog/Website In 2018

Interested in starting an affordable blog? Having your own website and blog can be an amazing way to share your passions, grow your business, and make great money.

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There are some bloggers that actually make a six-figure income (sometimes just in one month) and more. It’s so inspiring!

As a writer and creator, I have been drawn to blogging for years. When I was younger I tried blogging on several platforms, but I never actually owned my own domain or was truly serious about it.

There were several things holding me back, but I’m so glad I finally made the decision to start this journey!

The main thing holding me back though was the price. Though it definitely is best to get a self-hosted website for blogging, some hosting can be expensive. I didn’t have $100+ to use for this when I was just starting so I thought I had no options.

Thankfully, I came across GoDaddy web hosting! They offer just ONE dollar a month web hosting at the bottom level. How awesome is that?

Once I found them, I had literally no excuse to not get started right away. Just twelve dollars a year for basic hosting? It’s the best I’ve found. I was able to get the hosting with a few extras for just $20 for the whole year.

The bottom line is that anyone can start their own journey no matter what their skill level or niche is, and with GoDaddy hosting, it is completely affordable. As someone who is always looking to get the most from my money, I stand by this is a great option.

If you’re worried about the low cost reflecting the quality of service, don’t worry. I can say from my own experience (Yes, I use them currently!) that it is wonderful web hosting.

(Looking for a resource library to further help you with blogging AND more? Check out my resource list here!)

If you are serious about blogging and want to start as soon as possible (but be informed before doing so), I hope you find this guide helpful and a valuable resource for your own journey!


Have a plan in advance

Whether you are starting a niche blog, freelance writing website (how I started out), another kind of freelance website (think photography, web design, etc), or an established company website/blog, doing research is a great first step.

Interested in starting a freelance writing business? Check out my blog post How To Start Freelance Writing (+Make Money Doing It!)

There are many things to consider such as:
-Content type
-Website/Company Name (Unless you already have one!)
-Web hosting service

Decide what kind of content you want to have on your website (writing, videos, forums, portfolios, etc). This will start to help you figure out a content plan.

Determine who your website is targeting as the audience (which ties into figuring out your niche). What topics for content will you cover?

Decide a name and how you want it to be for your domain name. Some people just use their own name, or craft a unique, memorable name!

Doing research on everything and having a good understanding of the above considerations will help make sure you’re set up for success from the start. Just know that you don’t need to be an expert to get started, you can learn things as you go!

Find great web hosting

As previously mentioned, great web hosting is essential for your website.

You may be tempted to start out on one of the free platforms (like I did), but if you are serious about blogging, freelancing, or going all out and turning it into your business, trust me, self-hosting is the best option!

With GoDaddy one dollar hosting, it’s completely affordable and perfect for those who are just starting out.

If you are like me and are intimidated by the higher costs of other hosting as a newbie, then I completely recommend going this route.

GoDaddy web hosting obviously has a very affordable cost
-Get a FREE domain
-There is 24/7 support available!
-Very reliable uptime (they advertise a guaranteed 99.9% uptime!)
-Ability to use WordPress (for free)
YOU own it, which opens the door for monetization and makes you appear more professional to readers and potential clients!

With GoDaddy, the process was simple and I had my own website up and running quickly.

You can get started by clicking here. Once there, you can click on the “get started” button and you will first be taken to a page to create your free domain!

Credit to GoDaddy

You can do this right away or pass until later in the process.

Credit to GoDaddy

You will then be able to add any extras you may want (such as search engine visibility or private domain registration). I do recommend getting at least the private domain registration as it protects your personal contact information. (: Then all you need to do is check out.

At this point, you’re almost there!

Get started with your journey

Now all you will have to do is install WordPress! It’s free and this is what I use personally. I recommend it 100%.

It’s easy to follow GoDaddy‘s instructions and get up and running in no time.

Click this button to go to your cPanel Admin.

You should see this message right at the top of the next page. Click Build Website to go to your Dashboard and begin!

You will officially have your own blog/website and you can start your journey. How exciting!

Also, you will find that using the WordPress dashboard is incredibly easy. On the left side are all of the options you will need for your website. To get started with your very first blog post, be sure to click “Posts” at the very top of the list!

If you want to start with the appearance of your website, just click on the Appearance button, which is a few buttons below the Posts button.

Start writing, posting, and sharing your passions with the world.

The first day I purchased my website and got started is still fresh in my mind and inspires me to this day. It was an incredible feeling.

I always dreamed of having my own website and starting this journey (with the addition of being a freelance writer!) and now it is a reality.

It can be your reality too if you make the leap and get started.

I plan on writing many more blogging informational type posts as this is something that can help so many people, so stay tuned! If there is anything, in particular, you are interested in learning about, please feel free to comment down below or send me an email.

In the meantime, please enjoy this free resource for those just starting out with blogging and building their own website.

I would love to know if you currently have a blog and any questions or help you are wanting with blogging or other remote work opportunities!

♡ Ashley

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