How To Easily Get Accepted To Google Adsense

When it comes to making money from ads, probably the most well known option is Google Adsense.
It is usually a go-to, especially for brand new bloggers, but everyone is different.
There are some details to consider and guidelines to follow if you are thinking about applying with your website, and I will show you from my experience how to easily get accepted to Google Adsense so you can start earning too!

To start, lets talk about some factors to consider if you are thinking about applying with Google Adsense:

-Yes, you can make money, but it may not be as high as with other advertisers ( but perfect for beginners as for other options, a lot of the time you will need to meet certain qualifications like a minimum sessions number)
-Out of all the “easy to get accepted’ ad services, Google Adsense is known to have higher quality ads (Some I’ve seen in the past on other services were super scammy and questionable so I stopped with that service)
-Once your site is ready, it is fairly easy to get accepted
-Simple use and easy to read dashboard

Still need to start your blog/website? Check out my complete tutorial here!:

So now, let’s get into the good part.

I now have gotten multiple sites accepted to Google Adsense, one right at the first try.
That was another site, and when I used the same process with my original site (which I had given up on at that time) that site was ALSO accepted. Yay!

This is what I followed to get in and start my journey with ads!

(and if you want to refer to their actual terms, here is a direct link: )

1.Buy and use your own domain name

You need to use your own custom, purchased domain to qualify, not an extension like Blogspot or Blogger.


This was my very BIGGEST mistake.

Even though the rest of my blog was fine and ready to go, I went through months of my blog thinking I could get by with traffic and ads without one and gosh was I wrong.

In general, Google wants and favors sites with SSL certificates (and not even just for Adsense)

I had everything else set on my website with no acceptance and once I got one, my traffic exploded and I was accepted FIRST try.

3.Add contact and legal pages

Make sure you have necessary pages such as a dedicated Contact page, About, Privacy Policy, Terms, etc. and make sure they are easily accessible.

4.Easy to navigate and use

They will be looking for a nice, clean design that allows users to easily navigate your site.

No clutter, pages easily labeled or flowing, not bogged down by anything.

5.Have a decent amount of content

You want to make sure you have a good amount of content that shows your site to be useful and ready to bring traffic.

This content should be written and some visuals, all your own or legal to use and bring value to your site to show it is legitimate.

6.Remove other services

This isn’t a definite denial, but many recommend (including myself) removing any other ad service placements and anything else that may look like it from your site at the time of review.

It will only help your chances!


Already having a good amount of traffic helps, but isn’t completely necessary.
There aren’t any minimums with Adsense like others, so again this is why a lot of people start with this option.

Just make sure you do not buy traffic!

I hope this helps you to easily get accepted to Google Adsense as well!

The process usually takes a few days but can be more or less depending on them, and be aware that you are only allowed one account per person, so if you aren’t being accepted just keep trying!

You can fix and reapply at any time.

Don’t give up and good luck!

♡ Ashley

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