How To Create Your Own Beautiful Photography For Blogging/Social Media

Create your own beautiful photography

Hey all!
Since my last creative tutorial is doing so incredibly well, I thought it was time to make another one to continue helping you all out.
My most visited page on this site currently is my Instagram story covers tutorial. Now, we shall move on to show you how to create your own beautiful photography for all of your platforms!

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Visuals are so important for both blogging and social media to capture the attention and hearts of your readers and followers.
Since I have been receiving a great response from my work, especially recently after trying new and different things, I am so excited to share this information with you as well.

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You don’t need a crazy expensive perfect camera to do this, but it does help to have at least a decent one.

Honestly, all I use is my iPhone 7+.
You can do amazing things with even a smartphone!
So, let’s get into it.

Create Your Own Beautiful Photography For Blogging/Social Media

It really doesn’t have to take much to get started and have a great base for photos.

All you really need is a decent camera (phones included!), some nice props that fit with your theme (if you have one), and a great background.
If you are taking photos of yourself too, consider purchasing a tripod so you can take all of your own photos at ease.

For item and/or product photos, choose a good spot or create one with a background.
For my white background photos, I literally use a cheap board from Walmart.
A table, floor, bed, counter, blanket, etc are also great options.

A behind the scenes look at a setup.
To create this.

Arrange the product/props in a visually pleasing way.
If you need help with how to place, I have some examples, or search for inspiration from all over!
Just be sure to keep it all your own.

From my eco-friendly swaps post (featuring Bruit Essentials)
From my routine blog post.

Try to make sure you have great lighting to get the best shots possible.
Personally, I prefer to shoot in bright sunlight. If you are using shiny/crystal-like items, this can look incredibly gorgeous if placed in certain ways.
(Jars, jewelry, trays, etc)

Experiment with the best angles and point of view.
Sometimes straight down for a flatlay is best, while other times a great angle might be even better.

For photos of yourself, either have someone take it for you (explaining your vision to them) or use a tripod (if you don’t have one, find a good place to prop your phone/camera; this is what I used to have to do!).
Your background is super important, so make sure that it fits what you are going for.
(As an example, I usually try to find pretty minimal backgrounds for my own)

Finally, it can be difficult for some (including me for sure), but try to get a great pose going.
It can take some time to get it flowing, and that’s okay!
Just keep going until you have the perfect shot.
(Timer photo apps can seriously assist with this)

Also, don’t forget that editing can take your photo to the next level (especially if your camera quality isn’t the highest). I do at least a little editing on all my photos to get the very best final product.
I typically use the VSCO app mainly and some final edits on Instagram when I post on there!
Heres a great example:

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It can definitely take time to really find your style and process but don’t give up.
Keep creating, experimenting, and trying until you find yours and what you are confident with.
Train yourself to look for inspiration everywhere and create your own beautiful photography right from that.

Ready to get started?
I would love to hear your biggest inspirations. Let me know and share below!

♡ Ashley

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