How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers To Over 100K

Pinterest monthly viewers

I LOVE Pinterest. Even before I started my business and blogging journey, I was a huge fan.
It’s easy to be though, with the excellent and helpful content being posted and circulating daily.
When you are trying to grow your blog and/or business, it can make a huge impact! Your content can be seen by tons of people if you use the right methods and tricks. Even though it might not be your actual follower count, seeing your Pinterest monthly viewers skyrocket is a wonderful feeling and it is important.

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In fact, I’ve seen users with many more followers than me who have significantly fewer views. This tells me that you can have a high following, but without your content actually being seen and engaged.

So first of all, how can Pinterest help your blog/business?

Pinterest is loved by so many for all of the amazing ideas it can bring to you. By adding your own content to it, just imagine how many people may be able to see your creations!

Many bloggers have expressed how much they utilize Pinterest and drive major traffic and sales from their blogs.

It can potentially put your content in front of thousands or millions of viewers. But, that can depend on a few things.

How exactly did I explode my Pinterest monthly viewers?

Now that I am on this journey in my life, Pinterest has become an extremely important tool.

It took some figuring things out to get to this point, but it was well worth it! Hopefully, this post will help you skip that part though. (:

1. High-quality pins!

I can’t say this enough. If you are going to have success with any of the other tips, this needs to be the starting point.

I used to wonder why I wasn’t getting much traffic in the beginning, but taking a look at my old pins from my beginner days makes it pretty obvious.

Sure, it can take a little to get the hang of attention-grabbing designing and whatnot, but at least make sure that you’re using high quality, clear, and appealing graphics on your pins. Try looking for inspiration and learn from other successful pins (without copying of course). Visual appeal is everything!

Just as an extra, my favorite tools to use for pin designing (that make it simple and look amazing) are Canva and PicMonkey. I also design some of my own graphics on my iPad using Procreate! Check out some of my own designs here.

2. Join and post on group boards regularly

This is huge. If you didn’t know yet, Pinterest actually has group boards.

This is an amazing and FREE way to potentially get your content in front of so many people. By that, I mean that some group boards that I’ve seen and belong to have over 20k or even 50k followers! That is insane but yet pretty darn awesome.

Any group board with a decent following is great, but if you can get yourself into an extremely high following one, that can be huge.

The great thing is that anyone can create them. So consider starting your very own group board and include the best contributors to grow your following as well!

This is probably the part that I can contribute to my Pinterest monthly viewers the MOST.

If you are looking to make things easy for yourself and have an extensive list of awesome group boards right at your fingertips, check out my own list here!: Master List Of Top Pinterest Group Boards

3. Tailwind for Pinterest

I’ve been using Tailwind basically ever since I started this blog and this has been an enormous help as well. Definitely an essential for all bloggers.

Tailwind helps you schedule all of your Pinterest pins to be posted (freeing up your time) and also gives you access to Tailwind Tribes. This is similar to Pinterest group boards where you join and can contribute your own content to the tribe. When others in the tribe like your pin they simply add it to their own pin schedule and there you go. Even more exposure.

Tailwind has a completely free trial (no payment details needed!) that you can start here! Once your trial is over you can choose to continue to still have access to scheduling and amazingly, tribes will remain available for free regardless.

There are also ways to get awesome discounts off the regular price, so check it out!

4. Get involved in the community

This means many things.

Follow other users in your niche or that you’re interested/inspired by, as previously mentioned, join and post in group boards, support other user’s content, and also consider creating your own group boards.

It should make sense that the more you involve yourself, the more people will know about you and you might even make some valuable connections!

The thing is, no matter what your Pinterest monthly viewers number is currently at, be proud of where you are. And as it climbs, it is like seeing your progress and hard work as completely worth it.

This number can also be a great gauge as to if your content is doing well or if you need to make changes to see the growth your looking for.

Be patient, but work hard and you should see the success that you are striving towards.

Do you have a Pinterest monthly viewers goal that you hope to reach and maintain by the end of the year?

♡ Ashley

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