Freelance Writer Basics: Earn More And Be Independent

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If you are looking to increase your income and be independent as a freelance writer, I have some good information for you.
There are many ways to actually make money freelance writing. Some are more profitable and in your control than others.
Let’s dive in!

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Chances are, if you are here, you aren’t making as much as you believe you should be or you are tired of having to work based on the rules of the sites you are working from.

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Help yourself have the freelance writer career you are striving so hard for, and with your own terms!

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Create your own freelance writer website instead of working off content mill type sites

Content mill sites can be a great way to start off, but often times the pay is low (or lower than what you think you deserve), there are strict rules and regulations to follow, and there can be fees and cuts taken out of what you earn.

After all of your hard work and potentially already low pay, the last thing you want is even more money gone from your earnings.

By creating your own website with your portfolio (and possibly a blog also) showing your writing, everything is in your hands. You have something to provide to potential clients and everything is on your terms. No crazy rules to follow with the fear of being removed!

Better yet, there won’t be any fees taken from what you earn as it is your own website and you can receive payment however you want.

Sound good? I thought so too. That’s why I created my own site from the start and decided to learn and grow as I went.

If you are interested in starting your own website, I do recommend GoDaddy Hosting as always. I was on a tight budget when I started and their $1.00 hosting allowed me to be able to begin my journey. I’m very thankful for that!

Start cold emailing and promoting yourself independently

Finding clients and promoting yourself is a bit different once you have your own website.

Clients aren’t just there for choosing.

It requires good self-promotion and also great cold emailing. Although job boards are an option, cold emailing can potentially lead to long-lasting, nice paying, and ongoing work. At least this has been my experience.

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A great tool to get yourself out there more is actually LinkedIn! Someone may contact you immediately, or if they aren’t ready for your services yet, you can stay on their connection list as an option for the future.

LinkedIn also has an awesome publishing tool which allows you to write articles right on the site. This is an easy way to show more writing samples!

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Don’t let yourself keep working so hard for less than what you deserve.

You really can earn more and work independently as a freelance writer.

Do you have fears about breaking away as an independent freelance writer? What has been the best way for you to find clients?

Ashley ♡

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  1. i think i get all details to start my own content writing website with a details about content writing. Really a very good article for content writers and newbies who want to learn a good content writing. Thanks for sharing.

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