Freelance Businesses You Can Start From Home (Or Anywhere)


The world of freelance work is growing and more people are taking steps to gain their freedom, working and living on their own terms every day.
It might seem out of reach, but there are so many people out there already living their dreams and feeling so happy that they made the change.
If you are ready to take your first step into your new journey, check out this detailed list of freelance businesses you can start from home (or anywhere you want!).

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There are contract and employee positions from home out there (I do both contract and freelance work at this time), but this post is focusing on actual businesses you can start yourself on your laptop, at home, and wherever you choose! Helping you to take control back over your life and work towards living the life you want.

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There are so many options out there, you will just need to figure out which is right for you!
(Also, most of these options require little to no investment)

Freelance Businesses You Can Start From Home (Or Anywhere):


1. Blogging

This one is a given. (: The awesome part about blogging is that you can blog about anything you want. If you choose topics that you are truly passionate about, the content should easily flow! Another plus is that there are many ways to actually earn money through blogging.

– Ads (Adsense, Mediavine, or from those who contact you personally)
– Affiliate Marketing
– Sponsored posts
– Offering services (this can tie into some of the below ideas)

Whether you start a website/blog for a service (like writing or virtual assisting for example) or simply to share your passions, you can tie the two together for even more opportunity.

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Also, if you are ready to take blogging seriously, buying your own domain and getting a self-hosted site is a great start. Personally, I recommend GoDaddy Hosting (awesome hosting and starts at only $1.00 a month!). This affordable price can really make a difference especially when you’re just starting out.

2. Freelance Writing

This is also a service I offer through my blog. Finding out about freelance writing has changed my life and goals and if you love writing, I definitely recommend giving it a try!

There are many kinds of freelance writing work you can offer to clients.

– Blogging/Article Posts
– Ghostwriting
– Copywriting
– Essay Writing
– And More!

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3. Social Media Marketing/Assistance

This really seems to have exploded recently. With everyone (brands and influencers alike) trying to grow and increase their presence, following, and engagement on social media, its no wonder why social media assistance is sought after.

You can help businesses understand the platforms as well as assist them in reaching all of their goals.

4. Virtual Assistant

Everyone is busy these days, and both businesses and everyday busy people are now working with virtual assistants to help tackle their everyday tasks. There are companies online that hire for this, but it is definitely possible to make this your own business.

Some assistance you can provide could be:
– making/confirming appointments
– research on various topics (either personal or professional)
– monitoring email/accounts
– posting/engaging/monitoring social media accounts
– creating/sending out invoices
– Plan/book trips (business and personal)

5. Teaching

There are also multiple sites that will hire remote workers for this (think VIPKid and other similar companies) but again, it is something you can start yourself from home.
This can be done online with anyone in the world, or with people you may meet face to face if you choose.

People are always looking to learn new skills, especially new languages! Find what you could offer to others, and make money teaching it on your own terms.

6. Stock/Product Photography

Visuals are everything, especially on social media. A great image can make the difference between a click or someone passing you by.

Companies will pay for great photography to show off their products and capture attention to their merchandise.

Or, you can either post premade photos on selling sites or sell directly.

7. Translation

If you know multiple languages and can accurately translate, think about becoming a freelance translator! The world and economy are so global and diverse today and this skill is highly sought after.

8. Graphic Designer/Artist

Creativity is special and is always in high demand. Here are just some ideas of what you can offer and create as a graphic designer/artist:

– Blog/Company logos
– Creative social media content
– Product/labeling design

9. Programmer

The internet (and technology in general) is a part of basically everyone’s daily lives.

As a freelance programmer, you can (including but not limited to) create, maintain, and improve apps, websites, and more.

10. Travel Agent

Traveling is huge and with everyone (it seems) looking to adventure and explore, living their best lives, consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

It definitely helps if you have travel experience and knowledge! Assist clients in choosing the right travel plans for them and book to make it their reality.

11. Editor

This is something you can offer along with writing services or on its own. There are many options for editing such as:

– Blog posts
– Articles
– Online/ebooks
– Reports
– Website content

12. Photo/Video Editor

Another one that can tie heavily to social media is photo and video editing. Everyone wants their content to be the best and fuel their growth.

Businesses, influencers, Youtubers, etc could all be potential clients for this business.

13. Event/Personal Photographer

There are always events going on that need great photographers. Also, with social media insanely popular, people are searching and hiring photographers for their personal social media photos as well.

14. House/Pet Sitting

Obviously, this can’t be done strictly online, but it is still a great freelance business option! People are always looking for great care for their homes and furry friends.

Developing a high standing and trustworthy name is typically important for this route.

15. Personal Fitness Trainer

This is an option that can be done online, in person, or both. There are some trainers these days that do their training completely online, sending tips, directions, and all other information this way.

Since you are your own boss, in-person training can be done anywhere you and your client agree on such as in your/their home, parks, or a gym they belong to.

16. Home/Business Cleaning

This is also one that can’t be done online but is still greatly sought after. With everyone’s busy lives, the last thing they want to be doing in their free time is cleaning.

Earn a good and trustworthy name for yourself and you should be able to get great business.

17. Party/Wedding Planner

If you are great at throwing parties, have a knack for bringing ideas into reality, and are organized/know how to get things done, consider becoming a party and/or wedding planner!

A website showcasing the work that you have done can be a huge help in gaining clients.

18. Interior Design

If you have an eye for design and a knack for bringing ideas and visions to life you can also consider becoming a freelance interior designer. Help clients design their homes, offices, business, and more!

19. Data Analysis

There is so much data that needs evaluated and analyzed these days from companies, organizations, and more.

The main idea that came to mind for me was performing and reporting content/website audits! Help clients learn and plan their future path to success.

20. Investments/Bitcoin

Investing is not something that all people understand well, so if you have great knowledge about this, you can potentially help many people in a big way.

Bitcoin is something that is growing in popularity and more people are wanting to understand and potentially invest in it. This is an option as well as traditional investments.

21. Music Producer/Creator

People are always looking for music for their creations, commercials, ads, etc. With tight copyright laws, this can be a challenge though.

You can offer your skills to create unique and creative music for all kinds of content.

What kind of freelance business most interests you? What inspired you to start looking into beginning your own freelance business journey?

Is your type of freelance business not on this list? Let us know what you do in the comments!

Ashley ♡

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