Focus And Motivation During Difficult Times

Focus and motivation during difficult times


Everyone goes through slumps and just plain difficult times in their lives.
It can be hard to find focus and motivation during these times and stay on track towards your dreams and goals in life.

Whether you are just plain busy as can be or going through a more dark period, you may experience yourself lacking the drive to work and make progress towards what you want for your life.

You are definitely not alone!

I’m not a professional by any means, however, from my own experience I found some ways to deal with these feelings and keep your dreams and goals in your sights even during the most difficult times.

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1. Take time for you

Super important aspect. If you are way overworked and/or feeling very down, it is essential to make time for yourself.

Don’t let yourself get to the point of total exhaustion where you don’t have the drive to do anything at all.

I’m guilty of this myself during my own difficult times, so take my word for it. It isn’t selfish. It is necessary! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you don’t feel like doing the dishes that night, then don’t. It can wait.

Trying to finish and perfect that blog post but you just can’t bring yourself to produce your best work? Again, just wait and give yourself time to become inspired and in a better mindset.

Friends calling to get you out during the weekend? Sometimes this can be good of course, but a long bubble bath or binge watching of your favorite show or movie can be even better.

Finding yourself and finding inspiration again can really help to bring you out of a slump or get through a dark period.

Do what you need to do for you.

2. It is okay to slow down

If you are like me and trying to grow personally, professionally, or both, it can be so easy to just get lost and overwork yourself, trying to literally squeeze as much into a day as possible.

Especially when I was just starting out as a blogger/freelance writer, this was a huge problem for me. Blogging and freelance writing definitely does take a ton of work, especially right off the bat.

Overworking can actually have a negative effect though.

It’s great to want to get so much done in a day, that’s for sure.

Don’t be afraid to space it out though and give yourself the right amount of time to do your best at whatever you are striving for. Whether it be tackling a huge home project, planning a major life change, or even starting a blog/business.

If you are interested in starting your own blog and/or freelance writing business, I have some guides to help you. They help explain the process so that it is easier for you and show affordable options. Check them out here: How To Start An Affordable Money Making Blog/Website In 2018 and How To Start Freelance Writing (+ Make Money Doing It!)

3. Get help if you need it

Sometimes being alone in your own thoughts and empowering yourself on your own is all the help you may need. (Introverts, you especially know what I’m talking about)

If you do feel you need help, and/or thrive around others, consider contacting friends and family. Spend more time with them and if you feel comfortable enough, consider explaining your situation so that they can help you more.

If you believe you may need even further help, consider talking to a professional. Whether it’s for a crisis or just to try to figure things out in your life.

Seeking and finding help may be able to help bring focus back on what you started or even on something new.

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Whatever it is you are working through, just remember that tough times don’t last!

If you focus on working to be another success story, good chances are that you will find yourself there.

Don’t give up! Keep working hard through any difficult times and towards your goals and dreams in life.

Ashley ♡

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