How To Receive Explosive Blog Traffic From Pinterest

Blog traffic from Pinterest

Spending precious time and energy creating and pinning pins from your blog but just aren’t getting the blog traffic from Pinterest like others are?

Yeah, I was there too.
But I found these amazing tips that are still growing my blog traffic every day. Especially in the last few months since I decided to buy an SSL Cert. (my fault lol).
You live and learn, right?

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But basically, Pinterest is my number one source of traffic currently. It’s easy to see why when you realize just how many people are on it every day searching and browsing the site!

Many other bloggers experience the exact same thing, doing very similar to what I do.

If you are ready to start receiving the traffic you have been waiting for, these are the tips you are going to want to read.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How to receive explosive blog traffic from Pinterest

Perfect your profile

Make sure your profile is all ready to go. If you haven’t yet- create one!

If you are or planning to blog as a business, it is best to create a Pinterest business account (or you can convert your personal account!)

Complete your information, using what is necessary for your blog and keywords to help draw your audience in.

Create and organize your boards in a way that best suits your profile and what you want visitors to see first (drag and drop your boards to arrange them how you want!)

You should be all set up now. Time to get more in-depth!

Create eye-catching quality pins

The most important thing before anything else is making sure that people will actually want to click on your pins.

Pinterest is an extremely visual focused site. So that means that mainly pins that are the most visually appealing are going to get the attention.

A great way to get a feel for what makes a great pin is to research around. See what pins are getting attention and pinned and use similar techniques for your own.

Typically these kinds of pins are very high-quality images with great design.

And don’t worry. There are super simple ways to create pins!

These two sites/apps are literally amazing for creating your Pinterest pins.
They are Canva and PicMonkey!

They both have templates and excellent tools to assist you in creating the very best pins. Use them on desktop or via app. Check them out and see for yourself!

Use Rich Pins

Rich pins basically add extra information to your pins straight from your blog.

They are legit as you may say and show that the pin came from your website/blog.

I was nervous at first too, but I actually found out how to set them up super simply and have created a guide just for you. It also contains a lot more information on rich pins.

Check it out here: Setting Up Rich Pins Simply (In Just Minutes!)

Join communities and group boards

Honestly, I think that group boards are essential for getting the very most blog traffic from Pinterest.

Joining the right group boards can put your content in front of thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of people for literally no cost at all.

You can search on your own for the best group boards in your niche(s) or just visit my blog post about it! I have compiled top group boards in many different niches, all available right for you.

Check it out here: Master List Of Top Pinterest Group Boards

Communities are newer and have the same basic concept.

Join communities in your niche and with topics you can promote your content in.

The main difference I see between these two is that there is much more communication and closeness.

Both ways definitely get the job done though!

Use Tailwind/Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is the final tip I have for you, and definitely not the least.

I still completely recommend using group boards and communities on Pinterest itself, but Tailwind adds even more of a benefit. If you are serious about increasing your blog traffic from Pinterest, this is dire.

Tailwind is mainly a Pinterest and Instagram post scheduler. Super great for that.
Besides simply being a scheduler, it assists you in scheduling the posts for the very best times as well which can also help your pins be seen and therefore- potential traffic.

But it also has an amazing feature called Tailwind Tribes that function very similarly to group boards on Pinterest.

You submit your content to the tribe (typically they ask for a 1:1 ratio of submitting and repinning) and others will pin your content from it either scheduled or right away.

These tribes can also have thousands of members! The reach I have seen on some of these tribes is absolutely amazing.

Tailwind and Tailwind tribes do have basic free features (which are great and very helpful themselves) but also upgraded paid features as well! It’s all what you want to choose.

Click here to check out Tailwind and get started right away!

These few simple things are what helped myself and many other bloggers get a great stream of traffic that can keep increasing if you work at it.

Keep growing and improving and see the results come back to you.

I hope these ideas were a huge help for your blog traffic from Pinterest and I’d love to know what you think!
Let me know in the comments below.

Ashley ♡

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