Easy Eco-friendly Swaps To Help Save The Planet (And Save Money)

Eco-friendly swaps

Hello all!
Today I have something new and different, but very exciting.
This year, I really wanted to step up one of my already existing resolutions/lifestyle changes. That is making eco-friendly swaps that are better for the planet.

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Making better choices and shrinking my footprint while I’m on this earth is the actual goal and resolution that this is stemming from.

In this modern world, everything is so disposable. And with our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook and not realize just how much (potentially harmful) waste is actually being produced.

Working from home makes it pretty easy to use eco-friendly choices on most things, but there are ideas for outside the home too. I should also mention that all of these can still be done even if you don’t work from home! This is for everyone.

As mentioned, this was something I was already doing, but this year I plan on doing even better with it.
All of these options are simple, affordable choices that can help you on your own journey as well.

Help the planet and your wallet with these eco-friendly swaps ♡

natural organic products

Reusable Cups

If you are a drink person like me, and love to grab your favorites when you’re out and about all the time, that probably means that you use plastic/disposable cups quite often.

To help with this, consider purchasing an awesome reusable cup to bring to use instead.
The main place that I get drinks from is Starbucks and I have a couple that I use for different drinks.
Of course this can be done at way more than just Starbucks, but just know that by using one there you also get a discount on your drink!

Reusable Straws (Glass, Bamboo, Plastic)

Many times that you eat or drink out, there will be a plastic straw involved.

A super easy solution is to invest in a reusable (and probably mobile) straw(s)!
I’ve seen more and more options around and after waiting for a good while I very happily purchased mine.
If you have a full reusable cup set up then you might already have a straw with that, but for any time and anywhere consider one of these!

There are glass, bamboo, and plastic mainly (if you are trying to not purchase any plastic, stick to the other options).

This beautiful set in the above photo I just got from Amazon. Completely affordable and a wonderful purchase. Grab it here!
(Amazon is a wonderful resource for many eco-friendly swaps by the way)

I also have some bamboo ones on the way so I will update here when they arrive!

Shopping Bags

Think of how many times you go to the store, whether it is for grocery shopping or other.

Grocery shopping especially can produce SO MUCH waste. You have the tons of plastic bags used to carry everything and also the smaller produce bags.
Some stores give an option of paper bags, but that is still using unnecessary resources.
A very simple option is to switch to reusable bags. There are cloth, plastic, and homemade options!
They are usually very cheap (like a dollar or two) and typically last a pretty long time.
This is something I’ve been doing for years now as the thought of all of those plastic bags being used makes me cringe.

Find some cute ones you like (there’s so many to choose from!) and get to shopping for all the wonderful foods and items.

P.S. when it comes to produce bags, there are smaller ones you can make or purchase, or just simply don’t use them at all.
I am one who doesn’t use them at all. I just throw it in my basket and it’s all good!
If you do like everything packaged/bagged though, check out some of those options.

Home Made Cleaners (With Your Own Bottle)

Cleaners can not only be filled with strong chemicals but be wasteful in packing also.

While this isn’t something I’m dealing with too much right now (I don’t have my own place currently) it is a future goal.
Simply using safe and cruelty free options is a start, or go another step further by actually making your own cleaning solution and using a reusable container!

There are many recipes you can easily find that may appeal to you.

“Naked” Care and Cleaning Products

There are now tons of products available that are “naked” or without/very little packaging. There are some that I’ve seen from drugstore brands or local products, but my favorite place to get them is Lush.

There were already many options, and Lush just came out with even more naked options recently. Can’t wait to try even more, but what I have now are shampoo bars, naked body wash, Coal Face soap, and of course the bath bombs/bars.

Whether you use actual Lush products or not, using naked products can cut out the plastic waste from these typical products.
Just find some soap dishes or reusable containers to store them in for easy keeping and traveling.

Metal Razors

This is one that really started bothering me this year.
I realized that practically every week I was switching from old to new razor. A whole razor, plastic and the blades since they were disposable.

So I decided to look at options and found this absolutely gorgeous metal razor on Amazon.
It’s beautiful, affordable, and so much less wasteful as the only part you are changing is the razor itself.

This will help cut down on SO much plastic waste from the bathroom and instead of purchasing razors all the time, its a one-time low price (if you choose this one or one similar of course). All you need to purchase are the razors which can be very cheap.
It’s already an amazing option, and it can help you feel so luxurious while using it!
You can grab it here.

Find a Better Way to Work with FlexJobs

Just by making some of these changes and changes overall, you can help to make a huge difference.

It can take some getting used to, especially at first, but it is totally worth it.
At least to me. (:

I’m always on the lookout for more ideas for eco-friendly swaps though, and would love to hear your own ideas, questions, or thoughts.
Let me know in the comments below!

♡ Ashley

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