Easily Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins and Board Covers (A How To Guide)


Pinterest is an awesome (and I believe essential) source of traffic for bloggers.
Most of my social media traffic comes from Pinterest!
This is the same for many bloggers, but if you aren’t creating eye-catching pins that people want to click and save, you won’t be able to harness the true power of Pinterest for your traffic.
It really doesn’t have to be difficult though. I found two awesome resources to easily create Pinterest pins (that are beautiful and make people want to save and share them!).

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links. That means that if you click the link and/or make a purchase, I receive a commission. Don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

Before we get into the tutorial part, here are some tips for what is important for your Pinterest pins:

1. Create vertical pins always – Pinterest actually promotes using a 2:3 ratio (600px wide by 900px high to be exact). This is noted on their Creative Approach page! It does definitely look nice and gives a good amount of room to create a beautifully designed pin. (Both of the resources in this post have Pinterest pin presets, to make it even easier)
2. Mix it up – It is great to brand your pins to your business, but don’t make them all exactly the same. This will be great for pinning your content repeatedly, as different designs may attract more people and seem less spammy (if you are in group boards for example).
3. The description is important too – While Pinterest is definitely a visual platform, having a good description is important too. It can draw in even larger traffic. If your pins are rich pins (check out my tutorial for rich pins here), it is the metadata that is displayed, so use this area wisely!
4. Use relevant hashtags/keywords – By using relevant hashtags and keywords you will only increase the number of pinners that are actually looking for your information and are more likely to click and visit your site/follow you.

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How to easily create Pinterest pins yourself ♡


The first option out there that you can use is PicMonkey!
PicMonkey can be used on your computer or on its app so it is very convenient.
There is a paid version that you can upgrade to if you want, but you can definitely create awesome pins with just the free version!

Start off by choosing a Pinterest preset size. You can choose a blank canvas or you can also choose a premade template (still edit to your brand/liking) if you wish!

Picmonkey easily create pinterest pinsPicmonkey easily create pinterest pins

Once you have your canvas, continue editing until you have a beautiful finished product.
All the tools available are on the left side with an options bar below your image (if using a computer) and on the bottom of the screen (if using on mobile).

There are many options for text fonts, shapes, art, colors, etc available to make your pin perfect for you!

I created a quick sample to show just one example of what is possible with this option!


The other awesome option I found to easily create Pinterest pins is Canva!
Canva can also be used on a computer or on its mobile app.

There is a paid version and paid extras you can buy individually (like stock photos and graphics), but I have never purchased anything yet and was able to create all of my pins beautifully!

To start, choose a Pinterest preset size and open your canvas.

You can choose a premade template as a guide or create your own from scratch.

All of your main tools are on the left side and are very easily accessible! On the app they are at the bottom of the screen.

Again, there are tons of customization options that are very high quality.

Another plus is the “design help” aspect that shows guiding lines as you are creating your pin. These lines appear when you’re placing items and show the horizontal and vertical middles, the direct middle of the whole pin, and how one item is lining up to another. This really helps to make sure all the elements look nice together.

When you are all done designing, simply click the Download button and your pin is ready to go!

With both of these programs, it is a good idea to play around with all of the options and find the branding and design that you like and fits best.

Both options can help you produce beautiful, high-quality pins that people will want to save, share, and click!

I really hope this post helps you to easily create Pinterest pins for your own blog/website.

How do you currently create and design your pins? Do you use one of these options?

Ashley ♡

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