Diary – November 2018


Hi everyone! ♡
November is unbelievably winding down and the very last month of the year is upon us.

While thinking about new ideas for the upcoming year, one that I decided to put into action now was to start with some monthly diaries.
While this blog is mainly informational (and I’m not super into sharing my life publicly online), I do think it would be nice to put a little more of a personal touch to it.

So this will officially be my first one!

To start, overall, November was a pretty fantastic month.
Of course, there is the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
(Though I started in my own mind the first weekend of November (: Shopping/enjoying the season with my mom and friends has been going on for some time now!)

But before that, November 9th marked Daisy’s (my little girl Chihuahua) 4 year birthday! That was very happy and exciting.

Of course, there was a birthday photo shoot.


November 17/18th marks one year since I left Okinawa, Japan.
While I am super glad and thankful to be with all the important people in my life and spend time in America, I do incredibly miss Okinawa and Japan as a whole.
It’s very hard to believe that it’s been an entire year. I can’t wait to be back there hopefully very soon.


The weekend before Thanksgiving I was able to go to Pittsburgh light up night for the very first time!

It was amazing. If you are ever able to go, I highly recommend it.



Just walking around enjoying the city is wonderful, but add in beautiful lights, music, vendors, a crowd of excited people, and excellent fireworks to finish off the night? Even better.

It is held right downtown with all of the usual places to visit as well.


Then comes Thanksgiving/Black Friday. It was great to spend with family and just fully enjoy the holiday this year.
It was a difficult year turned so much better and I feel I have a lot to be thankful for.

I actually didn’t make many purchases on Black Friday but have completed a good amount of shopping since. I may add a little Black Friday haul pic to this though!

As for this blog and my social media presence, I started out strong at the beginning of the month and dropped off a little at the end with the holidays and such.

While I feel I made some progress, in December I want to be more prepared to stay strong all through the holidays.
It’s okay to not be perfect though. (:

That’s basically it for November!
It was a great month honestly and I’m even more excited for what December has in store.

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday season so far and enjoy the upcoming very last month of 2018!

Onward we shall go.

♡ Ashley

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