Diary – December 2018

Well, guys, we are officially in the new year! 2018 was a year let me tell you.
While I am going to refrain from explaining everything just yet, I can say that I believe this has been the most life-changing year I’ve ever had. Yes, more than 2014 (when I got married and left the country lol).

There’s more to come about this, but for now, we will stick to the very positive end this year gave me.

My fur babies and I on Christmas Eve

December ended up being a great month. I did have some worries, but overall, everything worked out wonderfully.

The beginning of the month was my brother’s birthday, which was awesome. He turned 21 and I’m so happy that everything was fun and safe. That’s what matters.

One way we celebrated his birthday was by going to downtown Pittsburgh (again lol) and doing some fun Christmas activities.

I LOVE going there any time, but during Christmas, it is even more magical. We explored around in the holiday “village” (a bunch of cute shops and Santa), got Starbucks hot chocolate, went to PPG area which included ice skating and a gingerbread house display/contest, and ate some incredibly good food at BRGR.

Apparently, it is the last year for the gingerbread display, so I was so glad to get to see that before it ends forever.
We would have ice skated, but the line was crazy long and it was freezing. Maybe on a nicer night though!

I think the best adventure though was going to Phipps Conservatory. It’s been many years since I’ve been there anyway, but getting to go two times (yeah it was SO worth it) was absolutely amazing. It’s incredibly beautiful and while I recommend it any time of year, Christmas is especially wonderful.

Besides that, it was basically just a bunch of shopping and spending time with those so important to me on the actual holidays.
This is actually the first holiday season in four years that I got to spend with everyone, so it was incredibly important and wonderful.

I slacked off a bit on the business side of things, but honestly, I’m okay with that. Enjoying and spending time was most important, and now that it is the new year, I’ll pick it right back up.

It’s completely fine to have a little break.

That’s basically it for this month and I am ready to start tacking these new year goals!

Best wishes,

♡ Ashley

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