Daily Routine Ideas For High Productivity And A Healthy Mindset

Daily routines are known to help immensely with those having busy schedules and goals they want to meet.
For me, having a great, organized daily routine has made a huge difference in my productivity and also my mindset.
These daily routine ideas are meant to help you develop your own personal daily routine for high productivity and a healthy mindset so you can reach all of your goals and get more done in your day!

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Not too long ago, my days were a mess. I decided to start side hustling (blogging and freelance writing) along with my hourly job. I do all of my work from home, so my routine is completely home-based. (Yours may be different, and that’s OK! You can still benefit from these ideas. Simply use them where they best suit you.)

Basically, I was trying to juggle hourly work, blog writing and improvement, emailing clients and potential clients, and any client work that needed done.
It is a lot, and not so long ago, I was doing things at random, with no kind of schedule or plan at all.

The one thing that really helped and made a huge difference was a to-do list. I’ll get into that in more detail soon, though.

Basically, randomly trying to tackle tasks with no kind of guide to my day wasn’t working out. That’s why I made a routine, and I hope these ideas can help you just as much!

Let’s start at the beginning. ♡


1. Wake up early

You have probably heard this from many motivational and successful people, and it does matter!

You don’t necessarily have to wake up at the crack of dawn and immediately jump out of bed, but waking up and getting a good start on your day is essential.

Personally, I normally wake up around 6-7AM ish and spend time reflecting, relaxing, and/or thinking about my day ahead. I will also do some quick social media checks at this time (not too long though!).
Some other ideas to do at this time could be:

1. Listen to music that gets you ready for the day/that positively affects you
2. Talk to your family/spouse/friends
3. Morning stretches
4. Reading/Listen to podcasts

2. Get moving

After you have actually woken up and prepared yourself for the day, it’s time to get started.

Try starting off with hydration (+caffeine if you need it). I know I always wake up dehydrated, and drinking water + something else, if you wish, can help get your body ready to go.

A cup of tea, a cup of coffee, smoothie, or protein shake are some nice healthy options.

If you are into working out (or yoga) like me, this is a great time to do it. Exercising can help you feel very positive and also wake you up so that you are ready to get work done.

At this time, I also go over my to-do list/guide that I write every evening after I’m finished for the day. This list helps me remember everything I need to do that day and keeps me on track as I cross things off of it!

Seeing the list get smaller and smaller is a satisfying feeling.

If you need to commute to work, this would probably fall into this area. No matter the traffic, road work, or weather, try to keep a good, positive mindset to continue through the day. Mornings can set the mood of an entire day, so do your best to make them uplifting!

3. Time to get stuff done

During the day is work time for me. I do my hourly work and as much client and blog work as I can during this time.

If you are interested in this route as well, I have several resources available! Check out my posts: How To Start An Affordable Money Making Blog/Website In 2018Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities List (Little To No Experience Required!), and Freelance Businesses You Can Start From Home (Or Anywhere!).

Sometimes this does spill into my evenings, but I have a lot on my plate right now so it is to be expected. (Struggles of side hustles, right?)

Other ideas for this time could be time for errands, job searching, responding to emails/calls, home care, child care, whatever you need to get done during the day.

4. Slow down and maybe take a break

No matter how busy you are and how much you need to accomplish in a day, it is still essential to take a breather during the day.

This is something that I seriously need to work on myself as I’ve become so focused on my work.

Take a walk, jam out on the commute home, play with your pets, etc.

If you’ve had an unusually difficult day, maybe consider treating yourself. Hit the drive-thru for dinner or have a vent sesh with your best friend or spouse.

5. Wind down and get plenty of rest

After dinner and some relaxation time, I review my day and my to-do list and see what all I covered and what wasn’t done.

Typically I will try to get some last tasks done if need be.

It is great to complete your to-do list for the day, but don’t overdo it. If something can wait until the next day and you are ready to be done, simply pass it to the next day. Just don’t make a habit of procrastinating tasks often. (:

The key is to make your to-do list achievable. If you make unrealistic expectations, it can backfire as you feel pressured and like you are failing if you don’t get everything done.

Find your ideal workload/task amount and try to work with that every day.

Even if you work through the night, getting enough rest is still important so that you feel and can do your best the next day (or night!).

I hope that these daily routine ideas help you to develop your own personal daily routine that works best for you!

Everyone’s needs and goals in a day are different, so simply fit any ideas you want into your own schedule.

Do you currently have a daily routine? Are you trying to create one for yourself?

Ashley ♡

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