Freelance Work Apps (To Help You Find And Manage Your Work)


If you are a freelancer, you’ll know that using great tools can make a huge difference in your business.
If you are considering starting your freelance journey, starting out on the right foot with useful tools can really help set you up for success.
I’ve created a list of the best freelance work apps that I’ve found so far, and I hope it helps you decide which apps are right for you!

Freelancing does appeal to many people because of the great benefits. Freedom, flexibility, and the ability to grow your own business you are passionate about are all great aspects.

If you are doing it all on your own though, it can be challenging at times.

You need to find work to begin with, perform the work, send invoices, collect and keep track of payments/expenses, and more.

Finding helpful and functional freelance work apps to help make your life easier can give you more time and ease stress you may be experiencing from tackling so many tasks.

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Check out these 8 freelance work apps that I found (some that I do use) to help your business as well.

1. QuickBooks Self-Employed (other options are Accounting and GoPayment POS)

Track expenses and receipts, manage and send invoices, find potential tax deductions, see your full financial picture, and more.

It is very similar to FreshBooks but has many more purchase options.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

2. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

This one is very similar to QuickBooks and allows you to create invoices, get paid on the app, track and organize expenses, track your hours, and more.

Please note: it only has three paying options that start higher than QuickBooks.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

3. TinyInvoice

TinyInvoice is an awesome free option for creating, managing, and sending invoices to clients. I’ve been using this for quite some time now and it is a simple, clear solution for sending invoices and keeping track of payments.

If you are looking for more in depth features though, I do recommend checking out the above two!

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

4. Tycoon

This one is a little different but definitely could still be useful. This app helps you to manage your work by entering and keeping track of jobs and clients, keeping track of income, and seeing what payments are paid, waiting, or overdue. I do not see an invoice option with this app though.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

5. AceBy

AceBy is a location based freelance work app. While many other apps focus on worldwide work, AceBy focuses on connecting clients with freelance workers right in their own area.

Keep track of clients, communicate easily, get paid, and includes tax help!

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

6. Upwork

A platform for freelance work all over the world. Keep track of clients, track your hours, get paid. Keep in mind that it does have transaction fees.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

7. Fiverr

Another online global platform for offering freelance services to clients all over the world. Jobs sometimes start at only $5 but can go up much higher. There is also a referral program.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with current/potential clients, share your work/experience, find jobs, and come together with others that have similar interests in groups. It is basically a professional social network. When used to the fullest, it can potentially open many opportunities.

You can find it on iOS here and Android here.

Do you use any of these apps? Which freelance work app is your favorite?

Ashley ♡

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