Best Business Tips For Introverts


When first starting my business, I knew the biggest challenge for me was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone to actually allow myself to grow and succeed.
As introverts, this can be a difficult task sometimes, if not all the time.
This past year has been very eye-opening though, and I’ve discovered some business tips for introverts to help you along the way as well!

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Most likely, if you’re here, you are an introvert just like me. Or, simply a quieter type of personality that wants to learn the same kind of tips.

You are definitely not alone and there are tons of people out there hustling and breaking their boundaries even if it is uncomfortable at first. It doesn’t come easily to everyone!

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The more you practice these ideas, the easier they should get. But remember to not be too hard on yourself during the process!

It may even carry out confidence to other areas of your life. When I personally started feeling great about my business and started seeing actual success, my overall confidence level shot up in many other ways.

If you are ready to make major positive changes in your confidence and business as an introvert, check this out. (:

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1. Find inspiration and motivation

This is a HUGE one.

A major source of my growth in confidence and knowledge with my business is by getting inspired by others just like me.

Find some people that you look up to that really inspire you inside to spark the fire for your own success.

Especially if they are breaking boundaries as an introvert themselves, that can be a huge push of motivation for yourself.

2. Practice self-love and build confidence

You should always be your #1 Fan. You are you after all.

How does self-love help with confidence and inspiration as an introvert though?

Well, by taking care of yourself inside and out, you can really place yourself in such a positive and inspired mindset.

Think of how you feel after a great workout that you just crushed. You know you made major progress and doing a wonderful thing for yourself.

A late night relaxing bath to ease stress and make you feel completely rejuvenated? You are caring for yourself through relaxation to help prepare you for the next challenges. It can really make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Introverts tend to thrive on alone time, so don’t hesitate to take complete advantage of that.

Take care of yourself and it can truly show on the outside as well.

3. Try to use communication methods that you are comfortable with

As introverts, extensive communication can be exhausting and actually a source of fear and anxiety.

As a business owner, there will most likely be times where in person or at least phone/video conversations may be necessary.

However, by sticking to a form of communication that you are comfortable with whenever possible, this can really help to alleviate stress from communications with clients. If they are cool with it, why not?

This doesn’t mean that you’re holding yourself back by any means, so don’t think that you have to push for communication methods that aren’t actually needed.

My personal favorite is email, and it turns out that many clients prefer it as well! Score.

4. Get yourself out there and start DOING

If there is one thing I’ve learned after being forced into uncomfortable situations the past few years, its that sometimes it can actually help.

If you are constantly afraid of breaking through your comfort zone, you may never do it.

Hopefully, you won’t be forced. (: But, taking a deep breath, making the choice, and just doing it without trying to think it over forever (easier said than done, I know) can not only help the initial decision but also further decisions in the future.

When you start making these decisions confidently, it will feel great and you’ll recognize the headway you are making!

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Regardless of where you are in your journey, just know that you got this.

When I first started with my journey (blogging and business), I was freaking scared. But, I’m so incredibly glad I made the decisions I chose.

Even if you are an introvert, don’t hesitate to start your journey and follow your dreams. Anyone can do it!

Do you have any business tips for introverts wanting to start their own business?

I’d love to hear yours. (:


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