6 Months Blogging – An Update

It’s really September already. Where did this year go?
Even more surprising, I can’t believe I’ve hit my 6 months blogging already. Time has just flown by!

I suppose that is what happens though when it’s one of the busiest years of your life.

It is a milestone though, and I am excited to share a blogging/life update with you all!

First things first, yes, this is the first new post in a while.

I did take a little break from blogging due to some various life changes. The biggest one being moving and settling down in a new place.

I also decided to start focusing very hard to grow my freelancing income.

However, to stay on the blogging aspect, it has overall been a great learning experience so far.

I haven’t seen as much growth as I had hoped, but with the break that is to be expected. I was not creating/putting out new content, was barely posting/promoting, and simply not focusing like I should have been.

With the rest of the year in my sights though, I do have my motivation back and a fresh new outlook on everything.

To focus on the positives though, I did experience growth, kept up a good audience, I didn’t give up fully, and I still monitored my blog (with some very small updates).

One thing I definitely learned is that burnout can happen and that it is important to take some time if you need it. Preventing overwhelm and burnout can help reduce the need for a big break as I took.

Moving forward, I plan to get on a more precise posting schedule, balance blogging and work much better, and really pick up growth even more!

For my year of blogging update, I really hope to be able to have even more positives to share.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me. I hope you enjoyed my 6 months blogging update!

If you’re interested in starting a blog yourself, check out my guide: How To Start An Affordable Blog/Website In 2018

Much more is to come!

xo Ashley

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