12 Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free

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If you are interested in learning how to promote your blog for free, you’re in the right place!
Many bloggers, especially when they are just starting out, look for ways and places to promote their blog completely for free. I was in the same situation.
I didn’t have much to invest in my blog and business when I first started, so I had to be very selective.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click it and/or purchase, I receive a commission. Don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you. (: Thanks for your support! 

Sure, you can pay for promotions on social media or other blogs, but if you are on a strict budget that might not be an option.

First, there are some factors that will affect your interest and engagement no matter where you promote. Before you start promoting make sure your blog posts are as perfect as possible with this checklist:

– A captivating image to use on the post itself and for promotion is essential. Everything is so visual on the internet, so a great image can really capture loads of attention before your words might.
– Attention-grabbing headlines are right up there with images. Using a headline that really sparks interest and curiosity rather than a bland one can make a huge difference.
– Check to make sure your writing is correct and flows nicely. Many errors or writing that doesn’t sound good can deter readers quickly. Personally, to make sure everything is correct and I don’t embarrass myself, I use Grammarly. It works right in my browser on the page I’m on and has been great for catching any errors I didn’t initially see!

Now on to the list. (:

1. Use SEO for higher search engine ranking

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can grow your organic traffic (non-paid traffic) from search engines. Great SEO can drive loads of traffic to your blog and increase your ranking so that those looking for your information can find you better.
I was a beginner with this as well and the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress saved me for sure. I still use it because it is so helpful. (:

2. Social Media

This one is huge! Pinterest (my number one <3), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. All of them are awesome free places to promote! To add, the best way that I have found to promote with these sites is through groups. You can get so much reach through sharing in groups, and Pinterest/Pinterest groups are the main way I get traffic!

3. Guest posting on other blogs/websites

Guest posting is just plain awesome. It is a great way to exchange your content for views and exposure on their blog/website. Sometimes blogs advertise this, or you can simply contact them and find out!

4. Having your website in your email signature

If you have an email specifically for your blog/business, this is the one you will want to do this with. If you have your name and website in your signature, whoever you email will see it and be able to click it if they wish.

5. Commenting on other blogs posts

Typically, most blog posts have a comment section. If you comment on another high traffic blog post, just think of how many people visit that page and have a chance to see your comment. Make sure you add your website in the comment form and I always type my name and blog in the name field so that people know that I am another blog! You do want to make sure it’s a sincere comment though. (:

6. S4S

S4S or Share for Share is when you collaborate with other blogs/social media influencers to share each other’s content for free and gain benefits on both sides. Typically this is done between those with similar reach/following.

7. Take advantage of free trials for tools

Many blogging/business tools actually have free trials that you can start with and use for free for a while. This is helpful itself to be able to try before you buy, and it can also let you have time using the product for free while you increase your earnings to be able to purchase more tools.
A great example of this is Tailwind. Tailwind is an awesome tool that allows you to schedule Pinterest pins and Instagram posts at the best times and gives access to Tailwind tribes for even more exposure. This was awesome when I was just starting out and I continue to use it today! No credit card is even required to start so I was completely comfortable with this.

8. Reddit/Forums

Places like Reddit and forums are another place where you can share your content and get yourself out there. If you find the right community that would benefit from your content, you are likely to get a lot of interest.

9. Link to your other relevant blog posts in each new post

In each new blog post that you write (and old posts that you can update), make sure to link to other relevant content that will drive traffic to those pages as well.

10. Make sure it’s easy for others to share your posts

Most likely, interested readers will want to share or pin your posts. This should be made easy to do on your posts as difficulty could contribute to missed opportunities for shares. You don’t want that!
To make this easy for my readers, I use a social share plugin that makes it simple to share right from my site. There are tons available for WordPress, so just search and choose your favorite to use on your blog. (:

11. Newsletter/Email list

This isn’t something that I currently use, but most other bloggers have an email list and get great results from it. Sending out emails with every new post or promotion is a way to get traffic right back to your blog. Not all options are free though, so you would just need to use a free one or free trial. (:

12. Bloglovin’

This is a platform for readers to discover new blogs and follow them as well. Your posts will also show up in your followers’ emails from Bloglovin’, so if you don’t have your own email list, this can be a huge plus!

So there you have it! There are many ways to promote your blog completely for free and still see results.

I recommend that those who are new and just starting their blogging journey to check out my post How To Start An Affordable Money Making Blog/Website In 2018

If you are looking to put this information into action and start to promote your blog for free, go ahead and send me a request for my Creators United board on Pinterest. (:

Thanks so much for reading!

♡ Ashley

8 thoughts on “12 Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free”

  1. Great tips. I use everything on the list, I am experimenting on the best way to use Bloglovin.

    I love the tribe feature on Tailwind for blog traffic.

    And Google plus helps me rank faster!

    Ladies Make Money Online Blog

    1. Hi Divine!

      Thanks so much.
      I love tribes on Tailwind too! They are definitely great for traffic and exposure.
      Best of luck with experimenting using Bloglovin!

  2. A very great content on promoting of blog. Really i dont know that this way i have to promote my blog and get some good traffic. thanks a lot for sharing all such amazing and intresting with very helpful content. Thanks a lot again.

  3. Every tip mentioned above is great, but in my opinion the one about using social media can’t be repeated enough.

    Although search traffic is my blog’s number one traffic source, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter combined are a very close second.

    I link to every blog post I publish from all three and the traffic rolls in almost immediately. And best of all, this social media traffic converts almost as well as search traffic.

    I recommend following all the excellent advice offered in this post. But if your time is limited and you must choose just one, concentrate on social!

    Great post, Ashley.

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